Mission & Vision



Georgygirl 's vision is to sell products that we love for ourselves and for our dogs.  We love quality products that are unique, elegant and upscale.   Our pursuit of luxury products led us to create many of our own, from the fitted cotton/spandex blend tank tops and hoodies for dog to our own patent pending harness line.  Two of our little dogs have always had trachea issues.   We created our own harness line channeling the look of a beautiful handbag, the style of high end saddlery and the absolute no-choke comfort for our dogs at the same time.   Fashion meets function.   Currently we are featuring three collections:  Monterey:  beautiful tan, brown and black leather and combinations of the three for everyday wear; Gatsby:   stylish, fun and colorful; and Beverly Hills for the ultimate in dressed up style for your best friend.   In addition, we have matching cuffs to go with our harness collections.   Elegant, unique and comfortable - all made in the USA. 



Our mission is to continue to grow our product line carefully, adding in luxury products that work well with our current line.   We try to make every product we can in the USA.   Both a retailer and a wholesaler, we are always open to new ideas that are complementary to our growing product line and are constantly working on new designs and collections.

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